Unpaid Salaries: Labour Law In A Nutshell April 2021

Unpaid Salaries: Labour Law In A Nutshell April 2021

UNPAID SALARIES: How can an employee get his or her employer to pay unpaid salaries? Some Q’s & A’s… Q:           Can an employer reduce an employee’s salary unilaterally? A:            No – an employer cannot reduce a salary without the employee’s consent. A...

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Unfair Dismissal in South Africa: Misconduct Cases

Unfair Dismissal in South Africa: Misconduct Cases

UNFAIR DISMISSAL IN SOUTH AFRICA   CHECKLISTS: UNFAIR DISMISSAL for MISCONDUCT  Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act (the “LRA”) provides Guidelines of the factors which the CCMA and Bargaining Council Commissioners must consider when making decisions on the...

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