We offer professional mediation services to resolve employment and commercial disputes. The purpose is to achieve practical outcomes quickly and cost effectively.
Mediation is fast becoming a pre-requisite for resolving employment and commercial disputes before proceeding with litigation in the labour and civil courts. It offers the consideration of creative commercial options to resolve disputes which are often beyond a court’s limited legal powers to consider.

Our mediation services include:


Labour Disputes

Social and economic pressures intensify disputes at all levels in our workplaces where livelihoods and reputations may be at stake. Differing points of view can seem irreconcilable and lead to litigation in court. But time delays, costs, publicity and pure stress of protracted legal action are well-known downsides of this traditional system. And court-imposed ‘standard’ remedies are not always ideal. More cost-effective and creative methods to find new solutions are needed to resolve conflict more quickly to sustain our businesses.


Commercial Disputes

We provide specialised commercial mediation services. Mediation is a most effective option for resolving business disputes because it allows consideration of creative options – often beyond a court’s limited legal powers to consider. Mediations are conducted without prejudice to legal rights – and in the strictest confidence. The rules promote a climate for constructive problem-solving – in private, and without surrendering access to litigation if negotiations do not resolve the dispute. This is particularly important where corporate and personal reputations are involved, to avoid harmful publicity.



Many tough business disagreements can be resolved internally through the intervention of a professional Facilitator. We’ve developed ideal processes and special skills to work with business parties at all levels – from top executives to representatives in multi-party unionised environments – to reach common cause in complex situations. We have facilitated many successful processes in early and late stage conflict environments, in a variety of sectors.


It’s sometimes hard to make the right judgement calls on how best to deal with tricky labour problems and business disputes. A trusted advisor with experience of how similar situations have been successfully managed can help bring perspective, advice, and come up with the best solutions.

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