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Patrick Deale has 30 years business experience as a senior executive and labour law practitioner, specialising in labour law services at the executive and senior management level.
At Deale Attorneys, we carefully consider the detailed facts and the context in which people and legal problems arise. We have special insights into the legal and practical problems involved in running businesses and employment relationships.
We’ll help you to deal with your legal problem with your best interests in mind, taking a personal interest to give you confidence that you are in safe hands. And, we’ll help to relieve some of the worry and stress which comes with dealing with a legal problem.

Our labour law services include:


Labour Advice

We have special insights into the legal, personal and practical business issues which managers deal with daily. We advise employers, managers, state institutions and senior individuals on how to handle them effectively. Alongside labour law services, this includes assistance with strategic planning and preparation of all kinds of employment policies and procedures to comply with the law and improve operations.


Labour Litigation

Employers and employees at every level in business sometimes find themselves in dispute with colleagues, employees or unions. We represent our clients on a wide range and employment of labour law issues in the Labour Court of South Africa, CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Arbitrations to seek optimal conclusions.


Workplace Investigations & Enquiries

Allegations of misconduct or non-performance by executives, managers or employees in companies are often biased, unpleasant and complicated. We conduct objective investigations into such allegations, and we act as independent chairman in enquiries to determine outcomes that are legally sustainable.



It’s sometimes hard to make the right judgement calls on how best to deal with tricky labour problems and business disputes. A trusted advisor with experience of how similar situations have been successfully managed can help bring perspective, advice, and come up with the best solutions.

Wherever you are in South Africa, I’m here to help.

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