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The firm specialises in resolving complex disputes at executive and senior management levels.

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Labour Law Advice & Labour Relations

We have special insights into the legal, personal and practical business issues which managers deal with daily.


CCMA Labour Lawyer & Labour Court Litigation

We represent our clients on a wide range of labour law issues in the Labour Court, CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Arbitrations to seek optimal conclusions.


Workplace Investigations & Enquiries

For allegations of misconduct or non-performance, we conduct objective investigations and act as independent chairman in enquiries.



Labour Disputes

Social and economic pressures intensify disputes at all levels in our workplaces where livelihoods and reputations may be at stake.


Commercial Disputes

We provide specialised commercial mediation services. Mediation is a most effective option for resolving business disputes because it allows consideration of creative options – often beyond a court’s limited legal powers to consider.


Multi-Party Disputes

Many tough business disagreements can be resolved internally through the intervention of a professional Facilitator. We’ve developed ideal processes and special skills to reach common cause in complex business situations.

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About Patrick Deale

Executive Dispute Resolver, Labour & Employment Lawyer, Commercial Mediator, Labour Arbitrator, Acting Labour Court Judge, and Author.

Patrick has worked in law and alternative dispute resolution for 25 years in a wide range of industries and sectors. As a senior legal executive for a listed company, he gained first-hand experience of the issues business managers and employees deal with day-to-day.

Patrick co-founded Tokiso Dispute Settlement (Pty) Ltd in 2000, the largest private dispute resolution agency in the country, where he was full-time CEO for six years. He is a highly skilled and experienced South African labour and employment lawyer, advisor, negotiator, mediator, labour arbitrator and facilitator. He is a commercial mediator, coach and assessor, accredited by CEDA (UK). He also serves as Acting Judge of the Labour Court of South Africa.

Patrick Deale - Deale Attorneys

He is the co-author of the Labour Relations Handbook, published by Juta, and has been a regular host of the Labour Line on Talk Radio 702. Patrick established Deale Attorneys to focus on the opportunity to improve and build successful South African business relationships, in partnership with business clients. Deale Attorneys is based in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. Additionally, Patrick is open and available all day during the lockdown and beyond to discuss your legal issues online.

Online Mediation – Patrick’s Added Speciality

Mediation is the time and cost-effective solution to court litigation. As a senior commercial mediator in South Africa, Patrick takes these benefits one step-further: establishing an online mediation alternative for commercial disputes. The online format adds novel levels of simplicity, ease, and flexibility to an already accelerated dispute resolution process.

Emotions and personal involvement, especially at executive level, can hinder a climate for constructive problem-solving. Online mediation avoids a face-to-face setting, allowing parties to deal objectively and be more open to mutual solutions.

For online mediation services, get in touch with labour lawyer Patrick Deale.

25 Years of Labour Lawyer Experience in a Wide Range of Industries & Sectors Across KZN, Gauteng, and South Africa.

We’ve conducted and represented employees and employers in the Labour Court, CCMA, Bargaining Council, Disciplinary Enquiries and Arbitrations in 400+ cases over the years.

Looking for an Expert Labour Lawyer as Your Trusted Legal Partner?

Look no further than Deale Attorneys!

Labour law involves a complex mix of law, social, and economic dynamics. It takes years of experience in the cut and thrust of disputes to learn how to resolve employment problems with the least risk, stress, and costs.

Deale Attorneys is a specialist labour law & commercial mediation firm with offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng, and Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. Additionally – we are easily accessible through online consultation and online mediation services, offering South Africa-wide access to Deale Attorneys.

We have significant experience in partnering with clients to resolve labour law disputes and comply with legal complexities so they can grow their businesses successfully.

We take a real interest in your business to understand what makes it tick. With small firm operating costs and big firm experience, we can offer our clients a more personal service at reasonable rates.

As specialist labour lawyers in South Africa, we advise and represent business owners, employers, state institutions, and senior individuals on a wide range of labour law and commercial dispute resolution issues in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and across the country.

Contact us at Deale Attorneys today.

Deale Attorneys Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng and South Africa.

Satisfied Client Feedback

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Ntlabake Moses Monnye
Ntlabake Moses Monnye
I have been extremely impressed with Deale Attorneys. Over the past few years I have had to consult with Mr Deale in several labour matters, and what has always stood out is Mr Deale's professionalism, his up to date legal knowledge, and an innate understanding of what will be pragmatic and achievable should a dispute end up in court or another forum. Always courteous and approachable, Mr Deale is a keen listener and what for me is the hallmark of a skilled attorney is his ability to simplify a complex factual matter. I have also had the opportunity to witness Mr Deale in an opposed matter, and his cross examination skills are absolutely stellar. Such trial craft is indeed a gift.
Some One
Some One
Patrick Deale is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client. He is calm demeanor, business accumen, dilligence and professionalism has been a big help to our business. He communicates consistently and is our a trusted adviser. Would highly recommend his services.
Cavelle Govender
Cavelle Govender
Patrick successfully assisted defending against a victimization case against me by a superior seeking to protect herself against findings for which she was ultimately accountable. During this traumatic experience of having to endure 19 days of hearings Patrick was fully supportive and compassionate, to the point that I have come to consider him as a friend. Going forward, for any legal matters he will always be my first point of contact. I have found his advise to always be well considered, balanced and practical.
Stefan Poprawa
Stefan Poprawa
Patrick is an EXPERT on labour law. He has a wealth of knowledge in dispute resolution processes. His experience and knowledge of CONTENT and Skill in dealing with complex matters come's out in drafting of documents and pleading. Deale Attorneys is Highly Recommended.
Vish Chatturgoon
Vish Chatturgoon

An executive’s job is not for sissies!

Executives and senior managers carry far greater obligations and duties than employees in more junior positions. Inevitably you are going to have conflicts and disputes, this guide will help you resolve them.

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